Value-Based Care

Merit-based Incentive Payments System (MIPS) Solutions

As the U.S. healthcare system transitions to value-based reimbursement, providers face both opportunity and risk in their arrangement with payers. Value-based reimbursement is demanding that providers meet certain quality thresholds, to be optimally reimbursed. To survive and thrive in this new environment, it is critical that healthcare organizations partner with a company that has the proven competence to help them transition from fee-for-service to value-based care through the use of experienced people, technology and proprietary tools. AS Healthcare Solutions has over 300 certified coders supporting our clients on MIPS initiatives.

AS Healthcare Solutions MIPS Solutions:

  • Identify and abstract applicable MIPS quality measures
  • Assess and analyze all documentation
  • Identify all applicable quality measures
  • Enter abstracted quality measure(s) data
  • Reporting through registry
  • Analytics and dashboards

News Release | August 13, 2018