Portal Development

We believe in building user friendly portal solutions that combine information access, content distribution and workflow management. To support our client’s business growth, our portal architecture supports customization options through new extension integration. In other words, you can extend the functionality of your portal, modify or change the design at any given point.

Our approach differs depending on the portal type. A Public portal should satisfy a set of functional requirements in a number of related areas, like providing users with e-commerce features, enhanced search options, voting and commenting functionality, profiling and social networks connectivity.

On the other hand, Enterprise portal serves as a facilitator to corporate information requiring more domain knowledge and business analysis skills from the development team to create a solution able to support operational activities, collaboration, decision-making, knowledge management etc.

We take pride in our collaborative development process. After understanding your requirement, we create a shared vision. Throughout the process and until we bring your vision to life, our team is here to incorporate your feedback and act as a mentor if and when needed.

Contact us and get a free consultancy from our portal development experts.

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